Teacher’s name School Subject Grade Year Comments Nominator
Nathan Baker Ogden High School JROTC 10-12 2014-15 SGT Baker has helped me go farther in the JROTC program and on the rifle team. He has helped me and my team develop as Taya Conley, Christine Barsell, Jessica Harms, Trevor Child
Kari Breeding Plain City Elementary Elementary 6 2014-15 I have been getting 2.5 & 3’s and now this year I am getting mostly 4s. Mrs. Breeding is a great teacher because she makes us work hard but she also lets us have lots of fun. Mrs. Breeding has taught me so much. If I wasn’t in Mrs. Breeding’s class for 6th grade I don’t know how I would survive the rest of the year. I wish I could have her every year. — Mylee Grieve
She helped me through every hard lesson I had to learn and if I didn’t get the problem she would help me learn it. I never had a missing assignment that year and had lost of fun learning while I was in there. — Jackson Carver
She is an amazing person. She honors hard work and honesty. She has had a strong impact on my life. She taught me to be loyal, honest, caring and kind, to work hard and be the best I can be. When making a decision I think, what would Mrs. Breeding do? And that’s exactly what I do. She’s the type of person you never forget, even when you’re 80. — Reagan Phillips
She got me back in to math and school. Because I was not doing so great at school She really helped me, now I know things a lot better so that is why Mrs. Breeding is my pick. — Jase Brostrom
Reagan Phillips, Dack Petersen, Kloe Bartruff, Cayson Stark, Jolie Lamoreaux, Joshua Wheeler, Elle Cook,Mylee Grieve, Jase Brostrom, Aibree Brown, Jackson Carver
Cassie Cox Two Rivers High School English 11 2014-15 Cassie Cox has helped me realize as a teen mom that I can and will do things I want do to for my future. She made me think that having this baby won’t ruin my future, it will make it better. She’s opened my eyes to so many things and showed me I can do anything I want as long as I have hope for it. Miss Cox will always be my hero and the person I look up to. — Kartyr Stauffer
Miss Cox has proven to me that no matter how messed up your life is you can always have a bright future. All you have to do is to try your hardest and give it all you have, to not accept good enough to accomplish what you want, until you get better than good enough. — Monsy Romero
Kartyr Stauffer, Monsy Romero
Catherine Dickinson Sand Ridge Junior High English, creative writing 2014-15 Mrs. Dickinson is the victory-deserving teacher. She does something more important than being a friend (especially since having a teacher as your friend is inappropriate). Mrs. Dickinson encourages us all to succeed. I’ve learned so much as an aspiring writer from this teacher. She’s always nice, of course, while maintaining the all-too-important ability to discipline her class. She comes to school every day so she can share her knowledge and that alone is the greatest thing a teacher can do for her/his students. Emma Ipsen
Anterious Gant Bonneville High School English, Debate 10-12 2014-15 Mr. Gant is a funny, well-deserving teacher. He taught us a lot about life and not just the subject he taught in school. He made the classroom a happy place instead of a boring jail cell like many other classrooms I have been in. He was fair and kind to everyone who came into the room. —Bailey Reeves
Anterious Gant is an incredible teacher. He builds all of his students up. if someone says “I’m fat,” he says “no your not, don’t say that about yourself.” He builds confidence and has us strive for the best and do the most we can academically and non academically, but more importantly he BELIEVES we can do it. He talks to us like were adults and shows us respect. He is incredibly funny and knows how to take a rooms attention. He is kind and confident and always there for you. He has touched us all I’m positive of it. He deserves this more than any other teacher. He truly is the best. — Victoria Burel
Mr. Gant is one of the teachers you only read about in story books or see in classic movies. He is not only an extraordinary teacher, but he is an outstanding man who genuinely cares about his students and makes a difference in their lives. Like Mr. Keating from dead poets society, he challenges us all to think, create, inspire, and make something of ourselves. He goofs around with us in class, he shares personal life stories to influence our decisions in school, he treats us like adults and takes us seriously where no one else will. … He changes lives because he is daring enough to reach out to us all and create a change. He is not only a marvelous teacher, he is also a magnificent man. — Amber Reeve
I feel Mr. Gant cares more about my school and his students more than almost any other teacher at Bonneville High. He has been a fantastic English teacher and coach. I will always remember Mr. Gant for how he never put up with any crap from problem students while also teaching all of us important life skills. — Chance Young
Mr. Gant is hands down the best teacher I’ve had in a while. He definitely makes you feel like you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. He is a great guy with an amazing personality and he deserves the best as he always tells us. I thank him for being the best teacher I’ve had and an inspiring human being. — Anthony Cruz
Bailey Reeves, Victoria Burel, Amber Reeve, Traelyn Roper, Shania Tupe, Morgan Carrington, Brandon Wayment, Rachel Barrowes, Logan Jackson, Preston Witherspoon, Pedro Barajas, Brock Bishop, Darius Lange, Alberto Cruz, Ethan Sorenson, Kanakanu Ulii, Parker Woody, Kourtney Strong, Jerod West, Lisa Cabatic-Deleo, Aubree, Jimerson, Keelie Wheeler, Dylan Matlack, Austin Lanfon, Page Rich, Tannessa Potts, Andrew Little, Anthony Kowalczyk, Kegan Lewis, Angel Morton, Chance Young, Nathan Duke, Crystal Garcia, Grace Bingham, Haley Maxwell
Kristine Rasmussen South Ogden Junior High English 7 2013-14 Ms. Rasmussen taught me a poem that helps me remember the parts of speech. Without this poem I never would have learned these. I was taught them over and over since first grade but I never could identify all the parts of speech until Ms. Rasmussen taught me this poem. Amelia Monson
Shalyn Roberts NUAMES High School AP English 10-12 2014-15 Shalyn Roberts is the most caring and encouraging teacher I have ever had. She encourages students to do things they don’t feel capable of doing in an effort to show them that they are capable of doing anything they put their minds to. At one point she told me I had to take AP English even though I was adamantly against taking it. She encouraged me to just try it out and to push myself. Sure enough I did just that and had one of the best experiences of my life. Shalyn Roberts has become so much more than just a teacher, she has become one of my best friends, mentors, and advisers. She’s the teacher I have always wanted to be because of her determination to motivate students to chase their dreams and challenge themselves with the impossible. She knows exactly what certain students need help with and gives them that help in any way that she can. She works to improve and motivate all students regardless of circumstances in order to get them all to where they need to be. She is the one of the best teachers because of all these things. She truly cares about her each and everyone of her students and she wants to see them all succeed in what they want to do, not what they are told they should do unlike many teachers I have had and seen in the world. In the three years I have been in her classroom, I know that she is a unique teacher that is often taken for granted in the world. — Ashley Desmond
Mrs. Roberts makes learning fun, and always helps me and other students out when needed. — Joee Heinbach
Ms. Roberts has pushed me far past what I thought I could ever achieve. She may have only taught me in English, but the work ethic and dedication she instilled within me I will carry with me forever. — Kayleigh Webb
She’s awesome, never have I ever been able to write essays so well. She’s fun and can crack up the whole class, she also doesn’t pick favorites which is nice. — Alexandra Giacomo
Ashley Desmond, Joee Heinbach, Alexandra Giacomo, Kayleigh Webb
Deloy Sorensen DaVinci Academy Science 7-8 2014-15 There have been a lot of things but I like the notes he gives in packet because I (don’t understand). Also, he stays until 6:30 p.m. everyday to help students with school. He has gone out of his way to help students many times Audrey Joyce
Anne Wilkenson Fremont Elementary Functional Skills 5 2014-15 My name is David. (My mom is helping me.) I am 11 years old and have Down syndrome. My teacher Miss Anne has really helped me in my class to learn what I need to learn to grow up. She is loving and understanding and patient. I know that sometimes our class can be a handful and she loves us and celebrates with us our milestones that a lot of people take for granted with their own children. I hope Miss Anne wins this award because she works so hard for all of us and she does it with a smile every day. I love her and I am so happy she is my teacher. David Lindsay
Jonathan Wright Freedom Elementary Elementary 6 2011-12 Mr. Wright has been my rock. He is an amazing teacher and guy. He was always there for me when I needed help or didn’t understand something. He never thought I couldn’t do it. He not only taught me everything I know, he did it in a way that everybody wanted to learn. He totally changed my view point on school. He made me want to go to school because I hated school and he made it that I loved it. I loved it so much that I went to school sick. He was an amazing teacher and I wish he could still teach me. He’s just one of those people that are meant to teach. He cares about every student and that’s amazing. Thank you! Taylor Cragun