Preventing Teen Suicide

Every Life Matters - Prevent Teen Suicide
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This year the Standard-Examiner will explore the complex problem of youth suicide through a variety of stories, videos, photographs and graphics.

Suicide consistently ranks as one of the leading causes of death for young people ages 10 to 17 in the Beehive State, and many Utah families and residents have been touched in recent months by these untimely losses. The aim of the year-long project is to raise awareness of teen suicide in our communities and to provide information about resources available to youth, parents and citizens to prevent such deaths.

The 2015 Every Life Matters Initiative will kick off by exploring the scope of the problem in Utah and what factors may be responsible for our state’s elevated suicide rate. Parents of young people who have committed suicide will also share their stories, addressing such issues as how they coped with their loss and how they can help others avoid such tragedies.