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Contact us through the form below to sign up for newspaper subscription fundraiser today.

You can earn up to $10 per new order with the SE Cares fundraising program. No cost to participate. We provide training, materials and a list of non-subscribers in your area. Monthly rates are as low as $9.99 per month for daily home delivery. To find out more or to register your group, please contact Dave Prout at 801.625.4424 or

What you need to know:

There is no cost to participate in the program.

SE will conduct welcome meetings and training for each participating group.

Participating groups will receive the following:

  • Custom subscription form template identifying group as a part of the SE Cares program and goal of fundraiser (new uniforms, competition fees, new equipment, etc.).”
  • Identifying badge template.
  • List of homes in local neighborhood that are not SE subscribers.

Groups should only approach names on the list – not current subscribers.

The following subscriptions will be available to sell:

  • Daily Home Delivery & ePaper: with EZPay $9.99, without EZPay $12.99

Groups will earn the following amounts based on subscription type sold:

  • Daily Home Delivery & ePaper with EZPay $10,
  • Daily Home Delivery without EZPay $5

All payments will be made approximately 30 days after the subscription starts. Subscriptions that are cancelled prior to 30 days will not be paid. Limit one subscription per person, per household. Offer for new subscribers only. Not valid if re-subscribing within past 60 days. Offer valid for residents in SE delivery area only. Subscription rate is guaranteed for six months. Standard Examiner reserves the right to modify or cancel the program at any time. Fundraisers to be conducted over 4 consecutive week period. Maximum of two SE Cares fundraisers per group can be conducted per 12-month period. Only one group will be allowed to work a specific area at a time. Homeowners/neighborhoods can only be contacted one time per 3-month period.

Contact Details


For every 20 subscriptions sold, participating programs will receive one 5 col x 5.5 inch ad in the Standard Examiner (ad to be used to attract new members, recognize star members, etc.) Credit valid only for 12-months from date of award.



Per group – Every person that sells 10 subscriptions or more will receive a $20 movie theater gift card.

Per group – The person that sells the most subscriptions will receive an additional $50 bonus payment (10 subscriptions minimum).



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