Congratulations to the 2016 Apple for the Teacher Award Recipients!



“My experience with Kylie changed my life; I will never forget what she did for me. I was having a very hard time my sophomore year. She showed concern in me and one day I felt comfortable enough to open up to her about my life and how I was depressed.  After few weeks, I went back to Kylie to thank her for caring and opened up to her about my future plans to take my own life. I didn’t realize it at the time but Mrs. George told the administration. At first I was angry but after talking with Kylie, I respected her so much for her courageous actions and telling the administration. Kylie was my biggest influence and the best influence.”





“She may not be a counselor but she will be there to help you with any problems you have. She is the best and most amazing teacher I have… She also accepted me into one of the classes that changed me, in a very good way… I love you mama bear”



“As a mom, Mr. Reeder went above and beyond looking for something that would be a good fit for my student with autism. Andrew said “I took band 3rd trimester last year and tried guitar. We didn’t feel that was too successful, Mr. Reeder suggested the drums. I loved working  with Mr. Reeder. He helped me sort out my thoughts with drums”. We are very grateful to have a teacher like him.”



“My teacher Senor Cardenas is the best teacher because he helps me when I’m sad and he lets me join games and he plays soccer with me… And when I’m hurt he helps me”





“I am nominating Rick Lilly for Apple for the Teacher because he is an outstanding teacher. My son, Jaedyn, was struggling in Biology with another teacher. He received an F the first semester. After working with Mr. Lilly for two terms, he received an A. Mr. Lilly helped Jaedyn with confidence and pushed him to his full potential.”



“Thank you, Mrs. Lawrence, for keeping your energy high, for loving my son when he thought no one loved him or even saw him. Thank you for protecting him and all of the students in your class by making your classroom a bully-free zone and for standing up for kids who need advocates while helping all students care for each other.”




“Mr. Matt taught me that even if I’m not good at something, don’t stop doing it until you can do it. He also encouraged me to do my best. Mr. Matt has a great sense of humor and I am very lucky to have had him as my 4th grade teacher”.



“My experience in English class changed when I got Mrs. Barlow as a teacher. She is a fun teacher, but more than that, she expects our best effort. She praised me for my good efforts and gave me honest criticism when I did less than I could.  After writing almost 30 essays for various college applications, Ms. Barlow took the time to critique many of them, even though she didn’t have to. Mrs. Barlow taught me to believe in myself and because of that I was offered an appointment to the Air Force Academy, along with several other scholarships”.