The 2016 Arts & Humanities contest winners have been selected!  Each year, the Standard-Examiner invites local elementary, junior high and high school students to compete in its Arts & Humanities Contest.  Students are invited to submit original works in photography, writing, art and illustration.  We received hundreds of entries and were impressed with the skills and passion of every student.  Entries were judged by our award winning photographers and reporters based on the characteristics we look for in journalists joining our ranks today.

We’re thrilled to announce this year’s winners in each category.  Top winners were featured in a special publication on March 16.

The winners in each category below will be recognized at the Apple for the Teacher awards ceremony on April 14 at Ogden High School auditorium.

Congratulations to this year’s Standard-Examiner Arts & Humanities contest winners!

Art & Illustration

Grade 1-3

FIRST PLACE:  Isabelle Manukev, Greenwood Charter School, Ms. Nylander, 2nd Grade

SECOND PLACE:  Isabelle Manukev, Greenwood Charter School, Ms. Nylander, 2nd Grade

Grade 4-6

FIRST PLACE:  Asher Bowen, Pioneer Elementary, Ms. Dickemore, 5th Grade

SECOND PLACE:  Burkelle Field, Pioneer Elementary, Ms. Dickemore, 5th Grade

Personal Portrait Essay

Grade 4-6

FIRST PLACE:  Kamryn Stuart, Pioneer Elementary, Ms. Dickemore, 5th grade

Grade 7-12

FIRST PLACE:  Kate Lockwood, North Layton Jr. High, 9th Grade

Book Review

Grade 1-3

FIRST PLACE:  Elli Finley, Ventura Academy,  Mrs. Earl,  3rd grade

SECOND PLACE:  Kali Hall, Midland Elementary,  3rd grade


Grade 4-6

FIRST PLACE:  Dylan Thalman, DaVinci Academy

SECOND PLACE:  Jessica Vielstich, Lomond View Elementary

Grade 7-9

FIRST PLACE:  Dallon Drake, West Point Jr. High

SECOND PLACE:  Dayna Makela. Davinci Academy

Grade 10-12

FIRST PLACE:  Amanda Sands, Roy High School

SECOND PLACE:  Bingham Benson, Roy High School